For several years, my spiritual practices have included a morning meeting with God over a cup of tea.  He has been faithful to meet me every morning, to chat with, and to give me wisdom on any question I ask.

When I began this practice, it didn’t take long to discern what was his voice as opposed to my own thoughts.  His thoughts and words came from my heart connection, and had ideas and answers that never would have occurred to me.   To get my “heart connection” I would always begin with love and gratitude focused to Him.  Then I would expand and focus on all the things in my life that I was grateful for –the wonderful blessings as well as the growth opportunities that appeared as challenges.

I believe anyone can hear God’s voice.  He talks to us all the time, but most of us keep him on “call waiting”.   We just need to learn how to open up our “inner spiritual” ears and believe that he will answer when we call on Him.

As a free gift, I am offering to share my morning communications with  God in  my Gratitude Newsletter.  

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