This space is to share excerpts from the writings of authors who have mastered the art of gratitude, and have shared  their pearls of wisdom with us through their books.

From Secrets of Eternity, by Annalee Skarin:

“All negative conditions and even the most undesirable things imaginable are the materials of unutterable glory to the individual who recognizes them for what they are, the raw materials of life which are placed in his hands.  These are the materials the wise man converts and uses as he builds the visions his soul aspires to.  These seemingly harsh, raw, unwieldly materials are the materials of unspeakable power and ineffable blessings when they are transmuted by the glory of His Light, which is always expressed in the higher vibrations of praise, love and gratitude.”(p.245)

From Temple of God, by Annalee Skarin:

“The gratitude is developed by never looking at your lacks.  Give no thought to the things you do not have.  Never mourn or be distressed over the things you think you need.  Like the widow, with her small cruise of oil, see only what you do have.  As you praise and give thanks for your blessings they will begin to multiply.  This praise and thanksgiving is the law of spiritual multiplication—and shortly all things will be added unto you….With this power of contact, every blessing that is for your good and satisfaction will be poured out  from His great loving store of abundance until you will not have room enough to receive.”  (p.113)

From:  Sons of God, by Christine Mercie

(This author achieved immortality in her early twenties, and wrote this book after her ascension.)

Note:  This book is a narrative of what she experience that led to her ascension.  Months before her ascension, her fiancée was killed in the Korean War.  Her heartbreak consumed her for months.  When she finally came back to living, she used the power of that loss and heartbreak, by dedicating her every thought to being grateful for everything , including her tragedy.  The beginning of her commitment began in the Arizona desert, as she poured out her heart to God and her beloved, truly promising never to let sadness or self-pity take over again.  She realized she must live life to the fullness, and that meant living this promise:

“I promise that I shall never again complain!  No matter what happens!  I shall glorify every sorrow, sanctify every shred of suffering, glorify the pain, and light the darkness with love.  And upon the holy altars of heaven I offer up the burden of my broken heart.  If ever again the unbearable burden of it tried to weigh me down, O Lord, I shall lift my heart in praise to you.” (p. 32)

After her ascension she was shown how the power of gratitude makes one “glorious”.  (which means glorifying God within one)

“It is this vibration of light that lifts one above the mortal gravitational vibration and begins to spiritualize the very physical b ody of man.  It is an everlasting, singing song of gratitude that makes one glorious, for, ‘He who is thankful in all things shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added to him an hundred-fold; yea, more.”  One becomes freed from the law of earth and needs no longer seek his own.  Blessings flow to him, multiplied, glorified and completely spiritualized.  In other words, “All things are added unto Him,” as given on the Sermon on the Mount.” (p. 94)

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