I had a long standing trauma that had prevented me from leaving the house without someone being with me.  I had gone to various therapists, and had spent thousands of dollars to get help.  I had only two sessions with Christine.  She used hypnotherapy to help me connect with my “higher self”.   After locating the source of the fear, she skillfully led me through a “healing of the memories” technique, and her “revision of the past” technique to desolve the trauma and re-program my subconscious with new responses.  For the first time that I can remember, I was able to drive to the shopping mall and shop by myself.  I actually enjoyed it!  I am so thankful for the new freedom I now have.------April,  Ashland, Ca.

I can’t believe how easy it was to get rid of my fear of snakes.  Christine used EFT on me, and in 20 minutes, my fear was gone.  To test it out, I went to a pet shop and asked to pet the snake.  I would never have done that before.  Just the thought of being in the same area of a snake, even caged, made me break out in a sweat.------Angie, Yreka, Ca.

I have so much wanted a deeper relationship with Jesus.  I used to feel so unworthy to ask for help or have faith that my prayers would be answered.  Christine helped me tremendously.  Now I find I can talk to Jesus as if he is my best friend.  My prayers are so easy now.  And I seem to have faith that they are being answered.  ------Willa,  Yreka,Ca.

Christine made me a CD with a guided meditation on it.  I play it every night before I go to sleep.  No more insomnia.  I am finding it easier to be patient with my kids.  I am also finding that little things that used to bother me, I don’t even notice.  I am also finding it helpful to listen to the tape if I am stressed out about something.  I love her soothing voice. ------Joyce Anne, Redding, Ca.

The EFT technique she uses helped me get rid of headaches in 3 minutes.  Also, she helped feel closer to God by teaching me the power of praise and thanksgiving, especially for difficult things.  I can’t believe that I have been a Christian for 30 years, and never realized the power of that.  Now I see how detrimental it is to complain (which I did a lot) and how transformative it is to praise.-----John Allen,  Medford, Ore.

When my husband passed away, unexpectedly, I was devastated.  I couldn’t stop crying for months.  Someone told me about Christine’s techniques to help with grieving, and opening up to the opposite.  I didn’t believe anything would help.  In two sessions, my crying spells were eliminated.  We continued a few more counseling sessions.  I learned how to create a new life with guided meditations, prayer and visualizing the life I wanted.  It has been 6 months, and I am experiencing more happiness than I have in years.  She showed me the importance of being grateful and praising God for everything.  I am currently dating a wonderful man, and people tell me that I look 10 years younger.----Ginger, age 63

I love the stories she shares about the miracles that happened when she learned to be thankful for the crisis’ she had.   It gave me faith in the power in it because I know her, and know that the stories are true.   It was much easier for me to be thankful after that, because I understood why it works.  I now look forward to “irritations’’ and ‘’disappointments” because I get to practice being happy and look forward to the good that comes out of it.----Elaine, Ashland, Ore.